ToWish Posture Corrector Unboxing

We unbox and take a look in the box of the ToWish Posture Brace.

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  • The Most Comfortable Posture Correction Device
  • Easy To Put On And Off
  • Imagine The Long Term Health Benefits
  • For The Straight Back Solution You Need Right Now
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty

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Video Transcription:

hey y’all Allen here from damn good reviews today we have the Towish back posture brace and it’s a velcro brace you see I’m wearing it right here and now this is supposed to put pressure on you so it stops you from you know leaning over and hunching over and you can make it tighter so I’ve been wearing it little bit here and there this also came with one of the exercise bands as well just as a freebie so I’m not really using that but just kind of utilizing this as I’m sitting at my desk making sure that I’m not hunched over it feels and looks almost like between a gun holster and a backpack as you can see and as you make it tighter this is kind of where it gets not sore but just a little bit uncomfortable in this area but that’s just how it works and you see where it puts the pressure on the back so if you’re using it and you need it to be tighter when you put it on you have these velcro straps to make it tighter and you just want to make sure when you do that sometimes the angle of these are not high enough up and it’s a weird angle to grab for your hand like this one kind of my to grab that a little bit further down you can’t really do it and it’s awkward so that’s kind of tight right now push it but as I lean over say I’m trying to type something it will put a lot of pressure on it but it’s good to wear like 10-15 minutes of time and slowly graduate and you know upgrade from there as long as you want to wear it but just keep in mind you know you don’t want to cut any blood flow off in this area here but overall I mean besides looking kind of weird like half a backpack that’s missing or gun holsters I feel like taking out just like that it does it does help at least to correct you and let you know hey sit up dummy so for the price it’s something nice to just have and be able to throw it on every now and then either under a shirt or as you’re working 10-15 minutes really cool this is the ToWish posture back brace I’m Allen and thanks for Watching.