Arqspin Photography Turntables

Arqspin Photography Turntable Review

You spin me right round.. I had to start with that! If you sell products on Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, Your own website you know that great photography sells. It helps move more product and can even get you a higher selling price. Sure shooting on just a plain white background with a static image is cool but showcasing a product in 360 video is even cooler and this is where a photography turntable comes into play — taking your products and photography to a whole new level.  While there are a bunch of DIY plans and videos for building your on photography turntable including one that I tried with a lazy-susan and ended up being a huge fail and figured this was something that needed to be professional built.  There are a bunch of different brands and sizes available in a wide-range of prices too but the Arqspin turntables seemed to be a at price point that could easily fit with many online store owners and photographers. Their biggest turntable is 24″ and can support up to 300lbs!  They also have software that works with IPhone, iPad, and Android as well as a desktop/cloud based app that you can use if shooting with a DSLR (which I liked best).

Unboxing the Arqspin Photography Turntables

ARQSPIN Software Demo

Interactive embed from our test shoot: (Keep in mind the free version of the interactive software only allows for 5 uploads – after that you will need to select a hosting package.) You can however just shoot with the turntable and import that video into a video editor and then upload to your online store that supports video or other places like YouTube… it just won’t be interactive.

Overview and Review of the Arqspin Photography Turntables

Take Away

Overall we really love the Arqspin Photography turntables. We would however like to see the shade of white be more pure white and possibly have Arqspin offer additional top color decals that would fit perfect and would be interchangeable. A way to set the speed to various RPMS would also be cool and having a better defined center point on the unit would also be very helpful. If you are looking for a away to offer additional type of product photography or expand your product photography for your own products the Arqspin software would be something that we recommend checking out.


While the links provided above are for shopping on Amazon, Arqspin has also provided a 20% off coupon to purchase on their website using the code: dgreviews