Bobaflex Eloquent Demons

Hard rockers Bobaflex drop their 8th studio album, Eloquent Demons, and it’s nothing short of awesome.  I was first introduced to the band around 2005 with the release of Apologize for Nothing and have been a fan ever since.  The album dropped on August 25th, 2017 and is their first release with Thermal Entertainment.  The first radio single was a cover of Pink Floyd’s Hey You (video above) – which is an awesome cover for those who enjoy harder rock version of classic rock songs. (sorry to date some of you an call Pink Floyd classic) and The second single “Long Time Coming”  hot the air earlier in the month.

While the band seems as if they are always on the road, with more than 150 shows alone in 2016!! SHeesh! I guess it I guess that gives them good time to collaborate, write, and test out new material — it’s just the matter of when do they have time to record? I guess they find it as the album sounds great and tracks are tight! Eloquent Demons delivers a diverse mix of music which holds true to the Bobaflex sound and style. From straight-up hard rock to slower more melodic tracks. I will say there are plenty of track on this album that just rock..two of my favorites are Long Time Coming and the last track on the album Reckless — I can easily see this as another single that gets a lot of airplay.

Bobaflex is one of those bands that continues to deliver great music and not one of those bands you think — oh they are still around?

Highly recommend checking out this album and catching Bobaflex on tour

Track Listing:
Eloquent Demons (Intro)
I Am A Nightmare
Long Time Coming
Say What You Will
Lights Out
Real Sadness
Off With Your Head
Moon And The Shadows
Hey You

Bobaflex are:

Marty McCoy – guitar / vocals
Shaun McCoy – guitar / vocals
Dave Tipple – guitar / vocals
Tommy Johnson – drums
Jymmy Tolland – bass


For Fans of:

Lordi, Atreyu, Bullet for My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, Pop Evil, Royal Bliss, Gemini Syndrome