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Alfa Networks WiFi Camp Pro 2

We recently bought a travel-trailer and have been in many different campgrounds with family however one thing that we have found is that the Wi-Fi connection at most of these campgrounds are absolutely horrible. now there are people out there that ...

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Circle with Disney

As a parent, one major headache is managing your kids devices and when you have to tell them that their time is up you seem to always be the bad guy.  In addition to screen time, you still don't know 100% what they're doing on their device or really ...

NetTalk Wifi Duo VoIP

The NetTalk Wifi Duo is a great way to cut your phone bill and make phone calls from anywhere with an internet connection...even over wifi.

Netgear Universal Push2TV HD Wireless PC to TV Adapter

Sure, connecting cables from your laptop to your television is an option these days with all the connections that the HDTV's offer but who wants to be connected with a cable when everything is going wireless. I remember almost 10 years ago ...

Netgear Universal Wifi Extender – WN3000RP – Reviewed

 If you live in a bigger home or in a multi-level home and have WiFi I'm sure you have run into problems where the signal is very weak.  When installing a wireless router it is recommended that you install in the highest level of your home ...

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