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iseeBell Wi-Fi Enabled HD Video Doorbell

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HpQrbTEcyY Iseebell WiFI video doorbell system We have all seen or heard about package theft right from doorsteps especially during the holiday season. While I have had a home security alarm system for many years ...

HDRSoft PhotoMatix Pro

If you've ever seen photography that just seems surreal and wonder how the photographer took that shot it's actually a technique known as HDR.  HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and these photos are built by merging multiple shots of the same image ...

Static X is Keeping Disco Evil with Cannibal

Presenting their 6th studio release, Cannibal, grindcore musicians, Static X, is back yet again with more in your face and explosive tracks, which always seem to keep fans yearning from album to album. "Destroyer" the albums first single and the ...

Dragon Naturally Speaking 101 Premium

I remember a few years ago using voice recognition software such as IBM TypePad and I believe I tried Naturally Speaking too. These programs just did not work they way you wanted, they were expensive and the results were almost always horrific. ...

Grom Audio – USB/iPOD Vehicle Interface – Reviewed

Grom Audio - USB/iPOD Vehicle Interface - Reviewed

The ultimate viewing experience with Brite-View’s CinemaGo Wireless.

With cable prices soaring higher and higher and some people I know canceling cable all together. To have the ability to watch free HD over the air or shows through the internet sparked my interesting into internet media players.

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