Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill Review

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I love cooking, which I’m sure many have seen by all the cooking gadgets I enjoy reviewing on Damn Good Reviews. I’ve watched many tv shows and have enjoyed a lot of great bbq and

have wanted to purchase a small smoker for some time in order to smoke a variety of meats. For something small and very quick I still highly recommend the Emson Indoor Smoker which is amazing and very quick since it uses pressure cooking technology. However, I still wanted to take on that traditional bbq and smoking tradition of hours of slow heat cooking to get that perfect smokey combination with falling apart and succulent meat.

I researched a few and sure many options include either wood or charcoal burning smokers which is truly the way to go but also requires a lot of attention to keep the temperatures correct the whole cook time… I just can’t do that. Thankfully, there are electric smokers with preset heat levels that you can in reality let it cook overnight and have a perfectly cooked and smoked meat in the morning.

There are many electric smoker models that range from $79.00 to much more than $500 depending on the size and options. The Brinkmann Electric Smoker which can be found for around $100 seemed like a great choice for a bullet style electric smoker at a great price.


Overall the assembly and instructions were pretty easy although I think it would be better to have the screws labeled for sizes just to make sure I had the rights ones as some look very close. You will also need a few small tools including a flat head screwdriver and a plier or something to hold some of the small bolts while you tighten everything. I will mention that some of the metal is extremely sharp so do take precaution when putting it together. Assembly would have taken me only about twenty minutes or so but may 1 and a half year old daughter felt she had to help dad and give me every single part. The final part was the unit on the bottom that houses
the heating element. This site in the bottom surrounded by the supplied lava rock — which Brinkmann could have given a little more.


Once assembled I was ready to season the smoker. I removed the water reservoir and simply took a can of vegetable spray and coated the inside of the smoker, the grates and the inside of the lid. Making sure not to spray the heating element or lava rock. Once coated, I placed the cover back on and turned the unit on for about an hour. From time to time you will need to re-season your smoker but this was very simple.

The smoker comes with a small manual that talks about how to smoke, steam and grill with the unit along with some basic recipes — which I would love to see more of in the book and online and maybe in a nicer printed recipe book instead of the printer paper version.

In addition to the lava rocks Brinkmann also includes two small pieces of wood for smoking the first time. I used hickory chips that I purchased from Walmart instead. After reading other reviews I felt that I had my time down to a pretty good estimate for cooking a 8lb pork butt as well as how much wood I would need too. Many recommendations said to wrap the wood chips in aluminum foil with some holes punched so smoke would come out slowly and not burn up the wood some quickly.

I seasoned the pork butt with a homemade dry rub the night before and sliced some of the fat off on the bottom. I left the pork in the fridge overnight and around 5am the next morning II filled the water reservoir with water and some spices as described in the manual, and placed about 5 packs of wood chips on the lava rocks. I took the pork out and let it rest for around 30-minutes while the smoker was warming up.

Based on my research and what the cooking guide said I figured I needed about 10 hours or so I could reach an internal temperature of 170 degrees. It took about thirty minutes for the smoker to get to its preset temperature of 225 degrees and then I placed the pork butt fat side down — covered and let it do its magic.

There was really not much to do — -although I did spray the roast every few hours with some apple cider to keep the outside moist and I had to fill the water reservoir once around 5 hours into the smoking. When I did that I took an internal temp reading and we were doing great. Once the pork was cooking for around 8.5 hours I took a temperature reading again and it was getting closer to the finishing point. Now from what I read 170 is that perfect number but anywhere from 170 to about 190 should be fine.. but no more than that!

Finally in the last stretch I let the pork hit around 173 and then covered with some aluminum foil and placed back on the smoker — and turned it off. I let it cook for about another 20 minutes and brought up to about 177. Once done, I took it off, still wrapped, and placed on the counter to cool just a bit before pulling.

About five minutes later I cut the pork into a few sections and started to pull. First removing some of the fat but then I started to pull apart the pork. It smelled great and easily shredded by hand — although very hot and I would recommend pulling with forks or food safe rubber heat gloves. It took about 15 minutes to pull the entire pork. Tried a few pieces from that and it was cooked perfectly and delicious — no bbq sauce on it at all.

I made a few quick sandwiches to test out and everyone loved it. But the rest of the pork was for a party the next day. I simpled stored it in the fridge for the party…of course not ideal but this is what worked for me.


Once at the party I placed the pork in a large pot on very low heat and placed a good amount of homemade bbq sauce in with it. Slowly brought it up to a good temperature while stirring
to make sure nothing burned. Once ready I transferred to two crockpots on low heat. I offered guest additional bbq sauces, red onions, pickles, and some coleslaw too.

The Results:
So — what were the thoughts from the guest? Well, I guess they didn’t like it because there was — nothing left! It seemed the even licked the inside of the crockpot clean too and I heard nothing but rave reviews and when they asked how I smoked it I told them with an electric smoker they were all very intrigued.

Final Thoughts:

The Brinkmann Electric smoker is a great easy to use tool for anyone that wants to get into smoking meats and just does not have the time to babysit a charcoal smoker. I can’t wait to try other meats like fish, sausage and chicken along with different types of woods too. Cleanup was pretty simple although I had a lot of fat drippings in the water bowl – which I could not lift straight out and I had to remove the liquid using Pyrex measuring cups. Additionally, although the smoker is set for a pre-set temperature of 225 degrees I would like to see an option for two or three temperature settings in addition to having a built in thermometer on the lid or somewhere on the smoker since I never knew what temperature it was inside the smoker — which could change based on the weather conditions like heat or cold and could extend or shorten my cooking times.

Despite some of the minor things I would like to see added to the smoker and some of the extremely sharp parts after successfully using the smoker and making a simple kick-ass
meal I give the Brinkmann Electric Smoker 4.5 stars for this Damn Good Reviews.
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[panel title=”Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill Review” description=”Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill Review”][/panel]
[panel title=”Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill Review” description=”Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill Review”][/panel]
[panel title=”Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill Review” description=”Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill Review”][/panel]
[panel title=”Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill Review” description=”Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill Review”][/panel]
[panel title=”Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill Review” description=”Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill Review”][/panel]

7 Total Score

Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill is a great choice for any one wanting to smoke meats but does not have the time to monitor a charcoal smoker.

  • Easy to Use
  • Great Price
  • Delicious Smoked Foods
  • Very Sharp Metal
  • No Temperature Control
  • No Built-in Thermometer
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