Weak Cell Signal? I might have your solution! Wilson’s Signal Boost DB Pro!

In this day and age of wi-fi hotspots popping up everywhere, new cell towers being constructed and commercials constantly asking if you can here me now or telling us that there is a map for that, many people simply don’t think cell phone reception is still a major problem. Nevertheless, many small companies, auto shops, and homes in cities big and small may very will be in a poor signal strength area and it could be hurting business and communication.

For example, if you were to come stand in my new home and try to get a cell phone signal I wish you the best of luck getting any reception. Well, that’s unless you stand on one leg with and arm out and tin foil wrapped around your head. My area is what the industry calls a dead zone and you simply won’t get a very good signal. As many know this is very frustrating especially when people try to reach you on your phone or you use texting to do a lot of your communicating. Of course the option to switch carriers is available, but I don’t want to do that and I also just renewed my contract and would be subject to cancellation fees. So, what are my options? I could call the wireless provider and constantly bug them to put up a new tower or repeaters in the neighborhood which more than likely won’t happen as I am no priority to them.

After researching affordable and available solutions online, I came across a few companies that build cell-phone signal amplifies and repeaters. Some seem to costs thousands of dollars and are designed for large buildings but many of the companies are building units for household/office use. Keep in mind that you still need some signal, even a weak one, to make these units work but it’s a great start and should give you better reception than what you have to start with. After much research, I felt that Wilson Electronics had one of the best solutions the DB SIGNAL PRO KIT and was one of the most cost effective for a small business and/or household use. At a cost of around $500+ this unit will allow you to connect to all the major wireless networks and boost your signal through-out the house or up to 2500 square ft building. So did it work?

The box came from Wilson Electronics a few months ago but due to the horrible cold weather I could not install the unit. Now that the weather is nice I was ready to get the ball rolling. First I sent my brother up the ladder to find the best location for the antenna. Luckily for me there was a place that already had a coax cable running into the attic

and I was able to tap off that. But I still had to run the cable from the attic to the first level which was very time consuming but needs to be done. The biggest part of this project was mounting the antenna on the roof and then having to run a cable through the house…but if you have experience running cable then you should be fine…if not most likely an electrician or AV installation company can probably run these cables for you.

Once the cable run was complete I made the connection to the antenna and to the base station unit down stairs. The unit powered up and magically my signal jumped from EV or 1 signal bar to a strength rating between 2 and 3 bars depending where in the house I was standing. Nevertheless, I can actually make a phone call now if needed. When I spoke to the tech support with Wilson they did tell me sometime repositioning the base unit or separating the base and antenna more will give you better strength variations… but it all does depend on what signal you are starting with and if you can get to a high enough point to capture the signal through the antenna.

Never expecting to get full bars and signal I was more that pleased to see this unit working as described. If you plan on purchasing one of these unit I would plan on taking most of a day to install the unit from start to finish and recommended not ordering it when it’s cold outside. I want to thank Wilson Electronics for developing such a quality product and realizing that everyone does not have the perfect signal. This was a fun project… no one fell of the ladder.. there was a lot of sweat.. a few beers and now I can proudly say I have a signal…. and you can hear me now too

7.5 Total Score

Boost that poor cell phone signal with ease.. well pretty much

  • Powerful Signal Boost
  • Easy to Use
  • Installation May Require a Professional
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