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Damn Good Reviews is among the top comprehensive product and service review websites and YouTube channel.  So, what does it take to get your product or service reviewed on Damn Good Reviews?  Simply put, fill out the form below and pitch it to us!

Pitching Your Product or Services for Review

When pitching your product or service please include as much of the following as you can:

  • When will the product be release to the public? (Pre-market products are fine — but should be hitting the consumer market in the near future.)
  • MSRP Price, Where can it be purchased (Amazon, Retail Store)
  • Product photos (If applicable)
  • Basic specs

After review, If we determine that your product fits our audience and editorial vision we will ask you to send it to us.

What to Send

For Damn Good Reviews to produce and deliver the best information and review content for our users, all products and services should be the exact same products that consumers can purchase (i.e. full retail packaging – if available (Not required for digital services, music albums or movies ).

Please also include:

  • A press kit (if available)
  • PR / Marketing contact information
  • Technical specifications, if relevant
  • Best technical contacts, if available
  • Registration or Product Key (for Software)
  • Download or Purchase Codes (If needed)

What We Do with Your Products

Whether we request your product or you send it to us, we place it in a the queue for a full review on our site and starting testing pretty quickly. While our testing methods may not be highly-scientific or provide things like the output levels of some component in your device, our mission is to provide professional reviews from the eyes of a consumer…and while there may be times we do get a little technical, all that tech jargon is not helpful to most..

A product review with Damn Good Reviews can range from a In The Box (Unboxing and First Look), In-depth demo,  A full review, and a Review Rewind.  While the majority of our products will be reviewed as a video, most will also be accompanied by a short text based overview on our website which typically includes photographs of the product, editor notes, manufacturer tech specs, and a purchase link.

Upon acceptance you may be given a tentative date upon which the review will appear. We strive for 3-4  weeks after receipt of the item, which typically gives enough to to demo and test the product / service to create an unbiased review. However, actual publish dates will depend on the complexity of the review item and the existing size of the Damn Good Reviews current publishing queue.

Products are typically not returned, unless pre-arrand by the manufacturer who will provide all return instructions and postage. While we don’t sell the products we receive, reviewers typically retain these items and continue to test and use them which allows for producing a “Review Rewind” which can happen from 3-6 months after the initial review is published, but is not guaranteed.  Personal hygiene products or items like headphones will not be returned.

Note: If we encounter a faulty or defective product you will be contacted before moving forward

Giveaways and Promotions:

From time to time, Damn Good Reviews may request / accept a promotional giveaway of a product or services to be promoted to our audience.  Promotional items or giveaways will in no way have any affect on our review process our outcome and is handled separately from the review process.

Unbiased Reviews:

When submitting an product / service for review, you are acknowledging that Damn Good Reviews will be creating an unbiased video/written review. We do not Sell Positive Reviews, Paid/Sponsored Posts, and in no way does sending a non-returnable product or by purchasing adspace on Damn Good Reviews qualify for a positive review.

Final review process:

To keep all reviews unbiased, we do not send a review for approval or provide any third-party editorial access (aside from onsite comments). Once the review has been completed you will receive a publishing update on when it will go live and any web, video, or other social links.

While published posts will not be removed, if an article is published on Damn Good Reviews and requires an update or major edit is requested due to a factual error we will make an update to the page a clearly note the update.

We thank you for choosing Damn Good Reviews and look forward to working with you.


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