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Kinsa Smart Thermometer

If there is one thing on the top of list of bad experiences if your a parents it’s having a sick child.. or sick children.  So many products are off the market or just not recommend for young children anymore.  Many of the medicines including ...

Gotem Magnetic Baby Safety Locks my kids safe and away from things like chemicals, sharp items, drugs or adult drinks always seems to be a challenge. Having three kids we have tried our share of safety devices to lock out the ...

Baby Goose Glow In The Dark Pacifier Clip

My kids were really never ones to love or be addicted to the pacifier and it was very rare that it would actually stay put and yes we tried all different types and used the clips to keep the thing off the floor.  When I saw the Baby Goose glow ...

Kalorik Baby Gourmet

Baby food can be pretty expensive – sure it may only cost $0.30 for each little container but really think about the quantity of food that is actually coming in that little jar compared to buying full portions of that actual food. So like many other ...

First Years QuickServe Bottle and Jar Warmer

The First Years bottle warmer looked like it could be a great product when it was purchased and looked extremely easy to use and clean. The product is compact and after ready the directions it did seem very straight forward and easy to use. This ...

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