WP4FB – WordPress 4 Facebook


If you are looking to take your Facebook profile to the next level and are familiar with WordPress, this software package is for you.  Sure, you can spend tons of time and money developing a Facebook landing page to help capture new fans, generate leads and increase revenue on your product but many of us just don’t have the time to program micro sites for Facebook.

I’m a huge fan of the WordPress platform and I have been seeking a way to easily implement a micro-site into my Facebook profile to enhance my fans experience.  After a few hours of research, I came across WP4FB which already had started to generate some great publicity and I was interested to see how advance and easy to use this plugin and themes would be. I downloaded the free version but quickly saw that the professional version would allow for me to do everything I wanted.

WP4FB creator, Wilco, provides you with tutorials on how to install and use the software to ensure you take full potential of the wordpress plugin. He has also included a few templates to get you started too.. which is a great way to get going and see what the plugin can really do. Other features include a FanGate, ShareGate, InviteGate,Viral Comments, Customizable Design,Image Slider, Lifetime Updates, Instructional videos and you can use your license to create Unlimited Fan Pages!  If you are interested in trying the basic features offered with WP4FB you can download the free version or upgrade to the paid professional editon of WP4FB for $67 (but search online and you may find a coupon code)

After installation, I did encounter two issues with the software — it said that it can be used with multiple-accounts on one wordpress install but I did not know that you needed a multi-site installation of WordPress to take advantage of this feature. Once I read more about installing WordPress for multi-sites I was able to get the multi account feature to work with no problem.  Also, remember that this microsite is being hosted outside of Facebook and you will need a domain name (or subdomain), hosting, a WordPress installation and a SSL certificate — since Facebook now requires external content to be hosted on a secure server.

You can get a shared SSL certificate pretty cheap these days along with hosting from reputable companies like Cirtex Hosting or on through Ebay. Do remember when you purchase this domain you also will need to make sure you purchase a cheap dedicated IP address for this domain and not a shared IP — since the SSL certificate won’t work right with shared hosting.  I came to discover this as I had a shared IP and when I setup my SSL it kept saying it did not match the domain and was expired — after some research it was a pretty easy fix.  Also, don’t spend a ton of money on the hosting of something like this especially if it’s going to be used just for Facebook.

Once I had these minor problems out of the way I was able to develop my microsite. The software is very straight forward, extremely easy to use and the training videos are excellent. With WP$FB I can either produce exclusive content pages, a single high quality landing page or develop a whole replica site just for Facebook.

If you are looking for a solution to create a microsite for yourself or for clients on Facebook and have experience with WordPress and understanding Hosting and SSL (you can always find tutorials) WP4FB really is the perfect solution for delivering high quality content and user expereince that goes miles beyond just the standard facebook landing page… and for that I give WP4FB one DAMN GOOD REVIEW!

Interested in this software just click the link to purchase WP4FB