I’m always looking for new opportunities and ways to make money — especially based around things I love. For example, I love hot sauce, spices and cooking in general and I had a plan a few years back to start a hot sauce and spice daily deal website, hotsauceaday.com. The problem was sourcing the products for a daily deal and just not having enough time in the day to do the work or make the contacts. So, the website sat with nothing on it and I was just paying for a domain renewal every year even though I still wanted to sell hot sauce products.  How was I going to accomplish this — I guess the idea of a daily deal site really would not work for my product but I still had the domain and would love to sell the products I love and recommend. At first I was in the same boat — I would have to source the products, setup wholesale or drop ship accounts and possibly store product which was not an option and again the profit margin to do all of this just did not make sense.

Still interested in selling hot sauce and related products online I started to research selling platforms and after I read a blog post it recommended using an Amazon product aggregation to build your website which would run on the WordPress platform.  Setup an affiliate account with Amazon select your products and let them sell themselves   Great idea — but how would I track down all the products I wanted to sell, post them and keep them up to date with wty and price — well there was a WordPress plugin solution, WP ZON BUILDER. This software plugin for wordpress would do everything I needed plus some and the price of the software was very responsible for the power of the plugin and time it would save me.

WP Zon Builder promotes that you can build Amazon affiliate sites in just minutes and I wanted to see how true that really was.  Before downloading the plugin I watched some of the tutorial videos online to get an idea of what the plugin could do for me.  After about an hour of learning and videos I was ready to install and try for myself.


I downloaded the plugin and installed to my wordpress site, WP ZON Builder also includes the Gazette theme which is recommended for use with the plug but you can make it work with a variety of other themes too and If you don’t want to just create a product website you can integrate Amazon products into your existing site too — sidebar widgets and in-line product display options are great tools too.
Installation of the plugin was very easy as was the theme file.  Once the WP ZON BUILDER was activated I was able to go select all my options that I wanted for my site, enter my Amazon affiliate key and more.  Very easy and so many features!

Adding Products

First I set my theme up with a basic look, created my top level categories and menu for the site. You can also add categories with the plugin too when uploading products.  Now I was ready to add products — I started my product search with “Ghost Pepper Sauce” — I ran the report and saw all my matches — I selected all my product matches on the page and then clicked ADD PRODUCTS . The plugin runs — and shows my post status and with in a minute I added about 20 posts/products — wow this will be great! Not only did it add the products, but it added images, current Amazon cost and full descriptions too. WP ZON Builder also works with the All In One SEO plugin to ensure all of your products are optimized for your site. Other features allow you to pull Amazon’s lowest price or the lowest price in general on the site by other sellers which is recommended — and no need to worry about outdated prices. You can set WP ZON Builder for a post cache time period — mine is 1 day.  It will automatically fetch the latest price information from Amazon — sweet I really don’t need to do anything after uploading the products.
Another great feature is that you can select random dates on your posts. So instead of posting 20 products that all were added on the same day — you can have the plugin randomly set the date of the post which looks better to the search engines. Also, when you want to add more products from the same Amazon category WP ZON Builder has duplicate product detection which will make sure you are not downloading the same products to your site.

Additional Features

There are many great features that the developers have included in WP Zon Builder which I have included below in the features section but I wanted to discuss some of the noteable features that I really enjoy.
Rich Snippets: WP ZON Builder makes use of Rich Snippets and star ratings which will show in search!
On-Site Shopping Cart (90 Day Cookie): You can enable the shop[ing cart right on your site and then when a user is ready the can click check-out and all the products will be automatically added to their Amazon cart!
Easy Editing:  Need to edit a product or page — it’s just a simple click to make an edit.
Click Reporting: In addition to Google Analytics you can view click reporting right in WP Zon Builder
Amazon Editorial Reviews: This cool feature allows you to import the editorial reviews by Amazon and post on your site.

Final Thoughts

WP Zon Builder is the perfect wordpress plugin for anyone looking to sell online and setup an Amazon affiliate store quickly and easily. The video tutorials were great and support was quick to respond via the support ticket system when I had some software questions.  It seems that the creators are constantly working on updating and improving the WP ZON Builder plugin which is great! In addition to the rotating gallery option I would like to see an option for a daily featured item to place as a rotator on the home page.  I was able to create something like this with another plugin for the sidebar.

I really can’t say it enough how easy the plugin was to use in additional to all the advanced features it offers.  I will  mention if you are worried about duplicate content warning or not ranking high on search because of the pulled content and the PANDA update to Google.  You will most likely want to edit your posts after they are updated and add some custom content to make it slightly different than just an Amazon description — this should help with your search rankings for sure.

Also, keep in mind that I am still building my hot sauce website with WP Zon Builder and will go back and customize it more. However, WP Zon Builder has already saved me time and money plus I get to use Amazon.com as my supplier there is no way I could even get close to offering all those products on my own with out a large investment.  If there are sauces or products that I want to sell that are not listed on Amazon I can always ad those to my site too.

After running the plugin now for over a month I can easily give WP ZON BUILDER one Damn Good Review.

You may never need all these features, but they are there for you.  See the long list of Features below.

[learn_more caption=”Features”]

Create Hundreds Of Posts In Minutes
Build Unlimited Sites
Easily Search Amazon For Products
90 Day Amazon cookie option with Add to Cart
Scheduled Product Posting Feature – Drip or Auto post products over time
Integrates With Amazon Associate Program (In all Approved Countries)
Time Stamp and Disclaimer link after the Sale Price
Online Tutorials available 24/7
Step-by-Step Instructions
Designed to work with WordPress Themes
Product Image Galleries
Sidebar Widget for Similar Products
Sidebar Widget for Accessories
Sidebar Widget for Categories
Inline Single product listing
Inline Multi product listings
Link Cloaking
On Site Shopping Cart (optional)
Add YouTube Video Reviews
Google Rich Snippets Star Rater
Very Flexible/Configurable
Auto Updating for Pricing and Product info
Customizable – Easily Add to or Edit any page
Powerful Template System
Easily build Custom Templates based on existing Templates
Custom Field Mapping
Instant Download 24/7
Professional Look and Feel
Adaptable To Other Languages
Display Product Images from Amazon
Optional Fancybox Image Galleries
Display Amazon Customer Reviews in Pages or Posts
Integrates With Other Plugins
All-In-One SEO Pack Integration
WordPress plugin
Duplicate Post Checking
Easy to use Admin Panel
Comprehensive Product Details
Filter Products without Images
Keyword Based Searches
Category Based Searches
Browse Node Based Searches
Bulk ASIN Product Posting
Click Reporting
Automatic Post Tagging
Use Amazon’s Editorial Reviews
Add a Store or product directory to non-wordpress sites
Easily Add Amazon Products to New or Existing Site[/learn_more]




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