TuneUp Utilities 2012


If you have been experiencing slow boot up time, program launching and just overall lagging on your PC then Tune-up Utilities 2012 is the ultimate software package for you. Yes, we reviewed the 2011 version of the software and had rave reviews but the 2012 edition blows the past version out of the water.

Launching 50% faster than the past version the software provides you with over 30 tools to optimize your computer and get it running the best it can. And, for the more advanced users you have options to tweak many hidden Windows features right in the software and not have to worry if you change a setting — you can always restore your past settings too. The interface is straight forward and easy to use and the 2012 version offers new and updated features including a variety of power saving modes to extend the life of your battery especially for long trips and the totally revamped Program Deactivator where you can easily deactivate programs that you are not really using and just taking up that much needed memory.

Additionally, Tune-up Utilities 2012 offers options analyze and fix your PC and help keep your hard drive clean of clutter. Utilities include broken shortcut tool, hard drive maintenance, registry editor, software uninstaller and a 1-click maintenance feature which can also be set to automatically maintain you pc to your requirements. Another great feature is the Tune-up Shredder utility which will allow you to securely delete files from your computer — and if you removed files by mistake the program also offers a restore normally deleted files too. When you are all done optimizing your PC you can run the optimization report to see the difference and you can also use the Personalize Windows© utility to customize your system even more.

You really can’t beat it for the price and my computer has been running better than ever especially when performing memory intensive tasks such as gaming and photo and video editing. This program is easy to use with great results and I give Tune-up Utilities 2012 one Damn Good Review!
Watch our video to see an overview of the program interface and functions. And, if you want to take Tune-up Utilities 2012 for a test drive — Visit tune-up.com for a free trial.

TuneUp Utilities 2012 – Free Download!