Oral B Pro 5000 Bluetooth Toothbrush


Sure, I’m a tech guy and love new tech toys and gadgets so when I saw a bluetooth enabled electric toothbrush I thought it would make for a great demo and review. Oral B has released the first Bluetooth connected toothbrushes which interact with their app on Iphone and Android… no you can connect music to the toothbrush.

The app records, times, tracks and helps to build better brushing habits and oral hygiene. You can select different brushing modes for things like “Better Breathe” and more. At first, I did have some connection issue with the bluetooth and my phone but then it just connected and has been fine since.

The preset for the brush is 2-minute brushing time. While 2 minutes seems like a long time to brush these is what is recommended .. although you can change these times too. The brush has interchangeable and replaceable heads and my version, the PRO 5000 has just a basic charging cradle and room for four brush heads.  As you will see in the video you need to make sure the heads are dry otherwise you get a gunk build up in the brush head tray. I would love to have a UV cleaning option where the brush heads sit but this version does not offer it.

I while I’m use to the electric toothbrushes from some other brands I did enjoy having the option for following some different brushing patterns to help with different oral issues. Of course you can just brush alone too and select between the few different brushing patterns.

One thing that I will mentioned that really was a big pet-peeve was that I don’t always have my phone with me when I’m brushing my teeth.. so it does not connect to the phone in any way. After doing this for a few days I started getting push notifications saying that I was not brushing…oh fun.. thank you mr. smart toothbrush! I think it would be a great option to have some built in memory to the brush that would still record my brushing for those times it did not connect with the app.  The next time it connects it would just download the data and fill in the blanks and tell the app that I did indeed brush my teeth.

To get the full overview and my thoughts here is the video demo and review of the Oral B Pro 5000 Series Bluetooth Toothbrush.  Enjoy!

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