2011 TuneUp Utilities


Unless you are a super tech genius and really know how to increase the speed of computer and stop all of the garbage from filling up your hard-drive then most likely you are complaining about the speed of your computer. Long load times, sluggish start-up, error messages and more.

There are plenty of software solutions on the market to help clean up your infected or just overloaded computer system.  When tackling a computer problem I have an arsenal of both free and paid utilities that I like to use but many of the free program will only fix one problem and support is usually not good or it could also be outdated.

I have seen ads across the web for TuneUp Utilities and after a client of mine started complaining about problems with some of the computer systems I thought this could be a great test for TuneUp Utilities

The computer systems seemed to have the typical amount of internet garbage, invalid registry information and more. Which was most likely the culprit behind the sluggish performance. After completing both virus and spyware scans with other programs I installed TuneUp 2011. The install process was very easy and straight-forward.  After the install was complete it gave me some options to optimize the system.  I launched the optimization part of the program and the analysis was underway — after a few minutes the report was generated and I saw a whole list of errors and problems.  I chose to allow the software to fix the problems and restarted the system upon completion — the performance increase was very noticeable after the restart and I was amazed.  Now, the software sits in your Windows tray and let’s you know about need fixes, updates and more.  If someone is scared to get involved with overly advanced software programs then software like TuneUp is for you.

I will make a note that I did run into a small software problem which was cause by Norton Business Suite running in the background while TuneUp was trying to run.  Most likely this was due to that program also having a analysis and background utility running too.  I simply disabled Norton and TuneUp had no problems.  Now, why would I run both programs? Well I find that many times even similar programs tend to find different problems and issues on the PC — but I don’t recommend running both at the same time as that won’t help you. Choose a main program and then when you are ready to proceed with scans and updates run one utility at a time.  Sure enough, TuneUp did find different problems and fixed them as well. Personally, I am a fan of Norton for virus protection and now disable the optimization feature and scan and let Tuneup do the work when I need it.

Additionally, TuneUp offers a wide range of professional features for the tech savvy individuals with access to over 30 options to increase pc optimization and more. I also love the TuneUp Program Deactivator which uses a bar graph to show you how much performance you gain at system startup, during operation, and when you shut down your computer.  And, if you are sick of just the plain old windows theme you can use TuneUp  to easily change over 400 program and system settings using the TuneUp Styler.

If you are looking for a solution to help optimize your computer system, gain more hard drive space and quickly get to the bottom of you pc performance issues I highly recommend checking out TuneUp Utilities 2011 . You can purchase the software online for only $49.95 and to make it even better — you can use the software on up-to 3 computers which should be enough for most households.


I really enjoyed this review and highly recommend this PC Utility software for both the amateur pc user to even the more advanced user who can take advantage of the advanced options.  All in all  — TuneUp Utilities 2011 gets one Damn Good Review!

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