SEO Spyglass from Link Assistant

SEO Spyglass from Link Assistant

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If you have a website and want to beat your competition in search and don’t have hours to search the internet for their backlink structure or internet presence. This is where SEO Spyglass comes into play — sure you can find many of these tools for free online but not all in one tool. And typically, search engines will only show you a backlink structure of around 1000 links while SEO Spyglass could show up to 100,000.

Link Assistant provides a variety of tools that can help get your website to the top of the search engines and they also offer free versions including a free version of SEO spyglass which will get you started and really show you how this software can really help you. At first, I started with the free version and really enjoyed it but felt that the full version of SEO Spyglass would be better with all the additional information it would provide to further help knocking my competitors down on the search engine ranks.

After using the full version of SEO Spyglass for only a few weeks I have already starting to see a big impact in my search result with a variety of different keywords that I wanted to rank highly for. Using the tool I can see what my competition is doing at image that to make sure those keywords are the ones that I’m ranking highly for. I can easily use Google to check my competitors on the first result page and then using the software I can quickly access all the inner workings of my competitor’s website and backlinks including everything from meta-tags and descriptions, page titles and keywords, which can really help skyrocket your site to the top.

As I previously mentioned, there are plenty of programs and websites that you can access the same information but who really has the time to go through all those website and tools. Finding this information could easily take you hours and all you have to do is enter the desired search terms , keyword or website into SEO spyglass and now you’re able to get all the information – quickly and easily.

I have tried a few other free and pay programs and I really enjoy SEO spyglass. I have heard some complaints about the live package which is offered from Link Assistant too. After six months you can purchase the live -package which will keep everything up-to-date and will only cost you about half the cost of the software or so. Sure, who wants to keep paying for something then again you pay subscription fees for your virus scanning software and you have to remember that the search engines are changing on a daily basis and subscribing to this service to keep you up-to-date is not that big of a deal considering the tool should help gain more sales and more traffic to your site.

You can purchase SEO spyglass as standalone software or Link Assistant also offers a huge discount on their SEO Powersuite software package which includes even more tools which I’m looking forward to reviewing. I believe that you can test drive all of the software offer in the SEO Powersuite for free too with limited capabilities and results.

After using the free version of the program for a few months and now the full version for almost a month — I really can’t say enough about SEO spyglass from Link Assistant which I officially give One Damn Good Review!

To see the interface and an overview of how the product works check out the video and don’t forget to give SEO Spyglass a try and leave your competitors in the dust.



6.5 Total Score

A smart tool for spying on on your competitors and learning how to optimize your website for the best results

  • Many search engines
  • Time saving
  • Competitor analysis
  • On-going subscription needed
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