Red Giant – Instant HD Plugin

Red Giant – Instant HD Plugin

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There are not many ways at least affordable solutions to take your old standard definition movies and videos or even web movies and upscale them to a higher resolution such as HD. Sure, you can copy your movies to a DVD recorder which upscale for the television but the results are never that great.

If you are a user of Adobe After Effects the company Red Giant offers Instant HD a plug-in that will up-scale almost any video to another format within after effects.  The plug-in use special algorithms that allow for a cleaner and crisper upscale then you would ever get from just resizing your frame to the new format size.

I have tested Instant HD with a variety of videos size and have been extremely amazed with the outcome of the final video.  I have taken old projects and short films that were shot in Standard Definition only a few years ago and scaled them up to 720p. I have also upscale SD clips to be cut into HD projects for some test and the results also were pretty amazing.  You can even upscale video downloads from YouTube that may be very low resolution to either standard resolution or higher.

Now, don’t think just because you click a button your once produced SD film is now a full-fledged HD production. The plug-in still has to work with the original footage and can only do so much to enhance it. In my overview video you will see that various options and presets offered to users.

Do also keep in mind that you will need a lot of processing power especially if you are scaling up large clips so keep that in mind especially for rendering times too.  I have not seen many other programs or plugging that can accomplish the results achieved with Instant HD and if they are available they are either way too expensive or the quality was subpar.

If you have After Effects I would recommend purchasing Instant HD from Red Giant if you plan on up scaling footage and want professional results.  For this I give Red Giant’s Instant HD one Damn Good Review.

On a side note, I would love to see an Instant HD stand-alone converter version or even a plug-in for QuickTime pro for those that either don’t have or know how to use Adobe After Effects.

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