NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 2

NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 2

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I love watching some of those early morning infomercials and the products have been getting much better over the years. I have owned a fair share of NuWave products in the past too and have had nothing but great experiences. I love to cook and having great tools always helps — having seen the shows for the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 2 multiple times I found myself very intrigued. One of my biggest issues is using cooking oils and constantly burning oil and having to trash it after one use, precisely melting chocolate or having the eggs stick to the pan.  While at a friends party I saw a PIC2 out on the counter and asked what they thought and they had nothing but great things to say — so… I had to try it for myself.

Induction technology is nothing new and you can purchase full-blown induction cook-tops but they are very expensive. This version of the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 2 came with their non-stick pan which uses an all natural coating instead of the normal non-stick coating which can be toxic when they start to come of in your food. Now, also keep in mind the that PIC2 will work with most pots and pans out there as long as a magnet sticks to the bottom you should be good to go — so my stainless steel pans were perfect.



Setting up the PIC2 was very easy — simply remove the product from the box– un-wrap a few things and you are pretty much ready to go… however before you start I do recommend reading some of the basics on cooking with induction as it is a little different that gas or electric. The manual and cooking guide was very clear and made it easy to get started.


Cooking Eggs:

I hate cooking eggs — they seem to always stick to even the non-stick pan or just burn.. and getting the flame right on the stove is always a guess. Using the included non-stick pan I set the temperature as described in the guide put some butter in the pan and turned the unit on — although no real indication that tells me the pan is up to temperature I waited a few minutes and then dropped my eggs in. Using a silicone heat-resistant spatula (don’t use metal you will scratch the surface of the pan) the eggs easily moved around as they cooked when the were ready — I flipped over and finished cooking.  When done — I lifted the pan.. the cooktop paused and I slide the perfectly cooked eggs right out of the pan onto the plate… despite what the commercial says don’t touch the cooking surface of the PIC it is still pretty hot.

Cooking Meats:

Depending on what you want to cook you can used a variety of different temperatures. In this case I simply wanted to quickly sear the steaks and this cooktop will allow me to evenly heat the pan up to 550 degrees f. — this is pretty hot. First make sure your pan can take that amount of heat and secondly don’t touch it. Not only can you sear the steak or meat in a steel pan but the PIC worked great with my cast iron grill pan and I was easily able to heat the pan up to the desired temp and get those perfect grill marks.  It only took a few minutes to come up to temperature compared to a traditional gas cooktop which would take much longer and would not be evenly heated.

Heating Oil:

Frying foods is never an easy task either and getting a consistent temperature is necessary if you want to reuse your oil and not burn or over saturate you food with oil. All oils have different smoke-points / desired frying temperatures and some work better for different foods or flavors that you may want. Olive Oil is pretty easy since you are not using that much and just need to look for the whisps of smoke to know when you are ready to cook — but that is more or less for sauteing foods. If you want to fry a batch of chicken wings or even onion rings you need to have the right temperature and your not going to use olive oil.

I tested frying with both vegetable and peanut oils and with both I was amazed. Not only was I able to quickly bring the oil up to the desired cooking temperature — I increased it by about ten degrees because the cooler food would drop the temperature when placed in – -then I could reset the temperature to the exact cooking temps. I tested cooking out onion rings and fried chicken in both oils and both times I used the same oil from the previous cooking — there is no way I would ever be able to do this if I fried the food on the gas cooktop — almost always the oil is burned and un-usable.

Just for that the PIC2 is a huge money saver if you like to fry foods.

Boiling Water:

The PIC2 says it can boil water in 90-seconds compared to my gas range which take around 10 minutes to boil. So is it true? I tested the same pot of water with 3-cups of water and tested the time it took to boil which was right around 4-minutes.. not bad!

Final Thoughts on the PIC2

Overall I absolutely love the Nuwave PIC 2 – Precision Induction Cooktop 2 and would highly recommend it to someone who loves cooking gadgets, and wants to have the option for a highly versatile and safe portable cook-top. The best thing really is the ability to maintain the precise temperature which is key to great cooking and frying. My biggest complaint was not having any way to tell me the unit or the pan was up to temperature — if no audible indicator is available then perhaps something like an estimated cooking / heat up time in the cooking charts. After testing the PIC2 with a variety of different foods and cooking methods we give this product 4.5 stars of 5 and yet conclude another Damn Good Review.

Watch our demo video below of cooking a few different types of foods with the NuWave PIC2.


8.5 Total Score

Cooking food a the right temperature is key to perfect meals and the Nuwave PIC2 can help almost any cook achieve the easily and at a great price.

  • Easy to use
  • Heats up very fast
  • Consistent temperature
  • No indication if unit is at temperature
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