Dyson Animal DC65

Dyson Animal DC65

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Unless you live under a rock, or maybe in this case under a rug, or don’t have a television then i’m pretty sure you have seen at least one commercial for a Dyson vacuum featuring the Dyson ball technology. The ball is supposed to allow for easy maneuverability in addition to the powerful suction of the Dyson vacuums. Personally, I have never used a Dyson before conducting the test demo and test for this and the video review. One of the big selling points of the DC65 is the Animal Hair accessory “tangle-free turbine tool” which allows for tangle-free clean up of hair — this was a huge plus since I have stopped counting how many time I have cut the clumps of tangled hair from other vacuums. Also, the se;f adjust height to be able to go from different types of floors is nice too. In addition to a 5-year warranty Dyson has also provided a washable filter to save on replacement and greatly increase the usage length of filters. The Dyson DC65 also came with some other attachments including a soft dust brush, a stair brush, and multi-function extender brush too.

What’s in the box:
The Dyson DC65 comes almost assembled with only about five pieces that need to be snapped in place. After quickly reading through directions it was a pretty easy and straightforward assembly. In the box was the Upright canister section of the vacuum, separate brush for the bottom of vacuum, the extender pole, handle, accessory attachment, accessories, and paperwork.

Getting the Dyson up and running after putting the pieces together was pretty easy too. It took a few times to get use to position the vacuum to lock it in place when standing it back up… you have to wait for two clicks. Also, I could not figure out how to stop the rollers so I didn’t scratch the wood floor.. I just had to check back in the manual and it was just me..and just a simple rocker switch right by the top of the canister. Some of the included accessories snap right on the DC65 but not all of them have a place when the vacuum is in use and no carrying bag was included with this model — I believe that comes with the DC65 Complete model. But not having a place to put some the attachment I felt was a real let down and the cost for Dyson to include a canvas bag would be next to nothing.

Usage & Performance
Like I mentioned earlier, it was the first time I have ever used a Dyson. I have tested many other vacuums including some that appear on this site too, such as the Samsung. After my initial test I could say the power behind the Dyson was just that, powerful. Once engaged it was almost like having a self-propelled vacuum when on the carpet and with the rollers spinning. The Dyson ball technology was pretty neat too and did just as it says and allowed for quick and easy turns — almost like hairpin turns with the vacuum.

Dyson DC65 Review - Animal AttachementThe real test was the animal hair attachment — and as you can see in the demo video it worked perfectly, well, almost perfectly, one strand of hair was left with no tangle. That is an awesome accessory! The other accessories are pretty standard including the soft dust brush, stair brush, and two-in-one extender and brush.

Another feature of the Dyson DC65 is the extension pole which come out from the tube. You flip up the handle and pull the tube out and then you are able to reach high areas with the accessory brushes. The height was plenty but once I started getting too high i started to drag the vacuum. That was one great feature of the Shark Navigator being able to detach and get those high areas without dragging a whole vacuum.
I really enjoyed using the Dyson DC65 Animal. It is a very powerful vacuum with some great features, especially that animal hair accessory, washable filter, and self adjusting height. The DC65 does have a very long cord at over 30 feet and it did start to get in the way and tangled. While I’m no engineer I think some type of retractable cord would be great especially for a cord of that length. My wife also took the vacuum for spin and thought it was too heavy especially for doing the stairs.

Also for such a high-quality vacuum I would like to see better storage for the attachments — the ones that do attach to the side of the vacuum would constantly pop off if touched and having a cheap bag for the other accessories would be great — although an integrated place to put the animal hair attachment would be really nice. Nevertheless, these are more personal preferences and suggestions of things I would like to see.

The vacuum performed really well with a lot of power behind. The biggest complaint for the other testers, my wife and mother-in-law, was the weight of it but both commented on the power and great cleaning job it did.

Dyson DC65 Product Vacuum Overview & Demo


7 Total Score

This is a powerful vacuum cleaner with great maneuverability due to the Dyson ball...and the Animal attachment is great for sucking up hair of all types.

  • Extremely powerful
  • Washable lifetime filter
  • Tangle-free Turbine Tool (Animal Hair)
  • Weight
  • A little expensive
  • Not enough storage for attachements
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