Seether Comes to Philly

Seether Comes to Philly

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It’s yet another gloomy night here on the east coast and nothing adds to the excitement more than parking on some questionable streets here in the city of brotherly love. Then to only making things more comforting for us we’re approached by the homeless guy who tells us this is his street and he watches it because he lives under the bridge….oh how I love Philly!! But forget that excitement we are her e to see the South African rockers, Seether, currently touring for their latest release and are on the road with female fronted Flyleaf and Pennsylvania based hard rockers, Red. Tonight’s stop…a sold-out show at the Electric Factory. I have been looking forward to this show for a while now since it was my first time getting to see all the acts on this bill. I thought I would have been able to shoot all the bands tonight but due to some restrictions I was only able to capture Seether so you will just have to picture in your head what the other bands looked like live…sorry!

The show opened with Pennsylvania grown Christian rockers, Red. I have had their album for some time now and these guys were even better live. If you like bands like Chevelle and Linkin Park you will enjoy this band. However, I have yet to see any new cd from the band since their last effort was in 2006 entitled, End of Silence, but the bands website says that they will be releasing a new single soon…so we wait!

Texas based and female fronted Flyleaf was second on the bill and I’m a big fan of their music probably because any chick that can scream and rock as good as any other male fronted metal act is just downright awesome. However, to be honest I thought they were a little boring too watch. It could have been because I was far away from the stage while they played or just the fact that I have heard all of their songs a billion times on the radio since they are yet another band to still be touring of their original self-titled debut album. I want new music from them, I like the cd but it’s getting old already! Another thing is that even though Lacey, Flyleaf’s lead singer, is damn hot.. she did not really interact with the crowd until they very end of the set. Come on…let me know you are fully alive (pun intended) and not just signing your songs without acknowledging the fact that we are an audience that wants to interact with you. Nevertheless, as I mentioned I do like their album and would be willing to give them a second chance. I just think a smaller venue and being closer would really give me the whole Flyleaf experience but the Electric Factory crowd did show their love after every the band must have been doing something right.

Finally after another stage setup that took way too long Seether was ready to hit the stage. Now, I have been a fan of this band since their first release, Disclaimer. They are just a straight-up rock band and if you don’t know them I suggest you check them out. The band has a huge stage presence but their lighting show was really rough on my camera. They had very low light making it very hard to shoot..but it did look good just watching the show when I wasn’t shooting or pushing my way past the 4-inches of room by the stage. The crowd knew every song and even I caught myself signing along with the band whose live show sounds almost dead on to the CD. Your best way to check them out would honestly be to just hit up youtube and watch some of the band’s music videos including Fake It and Remedy two of my absolute favs. The band had a great set and I would love to see them again, the sound at the Electric Factory was flawless as always and the stage was 8-ft in the air as always. I’m so use to shooting heavier bands and seeing crazy pits and almost getting crushed by security and the crowd surfers while I’m shooting. Tonight for some reason I did not see any pit and saw very few crowd-surfers. Better for me I guess since I’m not a huge fan of being crushed against the stage.

If you would like to listen to the music, learn more about the bands and more you can find them at the following locations. I hope you enjoyed this show review… and as always. I’ll see ya at the show!

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