Rob Zombie Live at Starland Ballroom

Rob Zombie Live at Starland Ballroom
8.5 Total Score


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Description and Review

June 6 was indeed a great day this year.. not only was it my birthday but my all time favorite musician, Rob Zombie, was playing locally… and after 17 years since I appeared on MTV’s Fanatic with Rob Zombie I would still consider myself the number one fan!

Making his rounds on his latest tour, the Super Monster Sex Action tour, Zombie stopped in New Jersey at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ which compared to many of the Zombie shows I have seen is the perfect size venue to see a show…even got to see his brother Spider and Powerman 5000 a few years back at the same venue.

As expected, the 95.9 WRAT Sponsored show was completely sold out. Lines wrapped the building waiting to get in the venue — some waiting more than two hours to get inside. It was a real mix of Zombie fans — new and old fans, wearing classic White Zombie shirts to some of the latest tour swag. Spotting other shirts like Ozzy, Maiden, Pantera and more confirmed we were in the right place for sure.

This particular show, Zombie did not have any supporting bands which I thought was a little odd since one of my close friends bands, DropClutch, will be performing with Rob Zombie in Upstate NY. Instead he had a DJ that opened the show and played for about 25 minutes or so. He played a bunch of rock tracks, added some extra beats, while wearing a skull mask, and attempting to dance.. not the biggest fan of this at all plus the guy almost seemed like he was not all there… it was very odd.

The stage was set and the lights went dark and Zombie hit the stage. Plenty of smoke, theatrical style lighting, all added to the performance with an extremely energetic and engaged crowd and pit. Zombie really plays to the entire audience making his way back and forth from the each side of the stage, and I love shooting shows like this. So much energy from the band and crowd!

Zombies performance was a well-rounded mix of old and new material while also throwing in a few cover songs and a drum solo too. Although a huge fan of Rob Zombie, I’m not too caught up with his current band members since it seems it changes pretty often besides guitarist John 5 who has been around for a while now. John 5 is a great addition to the Zombie lineup as he adds to the show with his illuminated guitar, gas mask that glows and theatrical antics in addition to playing the National Anthem with his teeth,, pretty cool. After some quick online research.. his current bassist is Piggy D, who is also known as the guitarist from the band Wednesday 13 and current drummer is Ginger Fish, known for playing drums for rocker, Marilyn Manson for many years.

After shooting some of the first few songs I headed towards the back of the room where it’s elevated and I enjoyed the show from there.. as I’m getting too old for mosh pits. The performance from start to finish was powerful, energetic, and theatrical, intertwined with some lovely horror themes. I could clearly see not a single person in the crowd was disappointed in this sold out show. All around me fans young and old were rocking out and loving the show.

Zombie came back for an encore and ended the show with the song, Dragula, from Hellbilly Deluxe. This show rocked for sure and it was great having him play this venue and hope that he comes back around on the next tour. From what I hear the next Rob Zombie album is not too far off and of course stay tuned for Zombie’s horror film, 31!

Enjoy the video slideshow from the show!

8.5 Total Score

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