NetTalk Wifi Duo VoIP

NetTalk Wifi Duo VoIP

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If you’ve been seeking options to switch telephone providers from your phone or cable provider thenNetTalk’s Wi-Fi Duo is a the perfect way to save money, add a phone line with the option to keep (port) your old phone number. Traditional phone lines these days can be costly but if you need that extra line and don’t want the huge expense this portable device is a great solution. However, as a cable customer myself and having a triple play package I’m almost stuck with my home phone line because dropping the phone service offsets the package pricing so much that it doesn’t make sense not to have it. On the other hand, having the NetTalk Duo Wi-Fi is perfect for adding that second line or even a dedicated business phone number and only have to pay the yearly fee which is about the price of one month that I’m charged by the cable company.

The great thing about NetTalk’s Duo Wi-Fi is just that — it is WI-FI enabled and still sounds fantastic. I can plug into my computer via USB, plug in through a connected Ethernet port or connect to my wireless network after setting up the device.

Setup & Features
Setup of the Duo Wi-Fi was a breeze and I followed the basic instructions in the box and then followed the on-screen instructions on setting up my account, setting my e-911 locations, choosing my new number and more. I tried both hardwired connection setup of the DUO Wi-Fi and WPS (Wireless Protected Setup) after going through the programming steps to make sure it knows what network is yours and your settings. I don’t think you need to be very tech savvy to set it up but you will need to know you Network information and passwords if you want to connect wirelessly. A NetTalk account also includes voice-mail, call history, and auto-forwarding, among other features. The company provides a toll-free support line and online FAQ, knowledge base, and forum.

The device connected almost instant when it was plugged in to the router as the same when connected to the computer (which you will need to download USB drivers, which was easy). When testing the WI-FI connection it took about 30 seconds or so to sync with the router the first time I plugged the device in — this didn’t happen any other time after that so it made sense that it was just verifying the network — once the light went green I picked up the phone and I had dial tone.

I placed phone calls using the hard-wire connection to the router and the recipient said it sounded great with no distortion at all—but being a little more skeptical of the sound quality and performance of the Wi-Fi options I had to place a few Wi-Fi based phone calls.

I disconnected the device moved to a new location, away from the router, and placed the same call which was also on a cordless phone too. And — the recipient said it sounded exactly the same as before with no problems and excellent clarity as was the same on my end too. I was pretty amazed as I have had clarity and connection issues in the past with one of those magical VoIP devices and that one was not even a Wi-Fi device.

More Features & Cost
The great thing about the NetTalk Wi-Fi Duo is that I can travel with the device and take my phone and land-line number with me anywhere there is an internet connection. If a connection doesn’t exist call forwarding can always be setup too. With free domestic calls in the USA, discounted international rates and free Duo-to-Duo calls worldwide this really make for a great piece of equipment for any business traveler.

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[toggle title=”Full Features List”]• NEW Call Blocking (block annoying calls)
• NEW Call ID Blocking (protect your privacy)
• One year of service included
• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
• Wi-Fi enabled
• Choose a phone number or keep your own
• Free local and long distance calling to the U.S. and Canada
• Live technical support, 7 days a week
• Flat-rate, ultra low-cost international call plans
• Free DUO-to-DUO-calls anywhere in the world
• Plugs directly into your router or computer
• Landline goes anywhere there is Internet
• 411 directory assistance
• Call waiting / caller ID / call forwarding
• 3-way calling / conference calling
• Visual voicemail • Enhanced 911
• Fax-friendly …and more! [/toggle]

The NetTalk Wi-Fi duo can be purchased from NetTalk for around $65 and includes the first year of service and is only $29.95 a year after that — compared to the cost of a traditional line this is nothing! You can also purchase online at many other locations too — including Amazon for around $60 or less depending on who you purchase from.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to switch phone providers or add a line, and I have read it works great for traditional fax lines too, then NetTalk’s Wi-Fi Duo is the perfect device for you. I have been using NetTalk’s Wi-Fi duo for my calls for over a month now and I’m very happy with the service, clarity and features and of course I’m even more happy not paying the phone or cable company my hard earned money

The NetTalk Wi-Fi Duo gets One Damn Good Review!

How easy was it to install — watch the Installation and Software Overview

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