VueScan Professional


I have a few older scanners including a HP Scanjet 7800 document feed scanner that was not exactly cheap.  After upgrading to Windows 10 I found out that the scanner was no longer supported by HP.  While the offered a few solutions nothing seemed to work — however one solution was the software VueScan which said to work with pretty much all scanners out there and would work with my scanjet too– with a free demo I had nothing to loose.

Installation and First Impression

After downloading and installing. I hooked up the scanner, ran the software demo and bam — my scanner was there.. and yes it scanned!  Right then and there I was sold on the software and immediately upgraded to VueScan Professional. While they do offer a few different version based around what options you would like access to — professional seemed to offer everything I wanted and for the little difference in price I would recommend going with that version too.

Using The Software

The software interface is pretty straight-forward and looked a lot like any other scanner interface — when you got into advanced options you really have a lot of options to work with — but if its to overwhelming you can always select the easy version of the software too — which is super awesome!  I changed a few minor settings and then started to scan away — with no problems. Plus the full version seemed to scan much quicker then in the demo version — my scanner was back in business and I didn’t have to spend a ton on a new scanner or one of those horrible all-in-one machines.. yikes!

Take Away

As you can see by all the options available in the video the software not only offers all the advanced features I like to have access to but also worked with my other flatbed scanner which turned out was not supported in Windows 10 either.. oh yea! With support for all types of scanners including film scanners and a price that does not make you think twice about getting your gear up and running again you really can’t go wrong.  I did have a few lockups but they were minimal and something that could have been the software or just and error with the scanner — after shutting the software down and launching again — I had no issues.

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