Bryan Lanning – Us



While my music taste has never really been on the pop side of things I have always been open to finding and listening to new artist who might just happen to strike the right chord, no pun intended, and could easily become part of my ever-growing music library. Bryan Lanning is one of those artists with his self-funded debut album “Us” which features the track, Idaho. I first heard of Lanning from his vlog which he typically hosts with his wife Missy and when I saw the album release info come across in my email I said that name looks familiar.. and sure enough it was Bryan.

After a few spins, I am really enjoying Bryan’s debut full-length album, “Us” and it was clearly one of those album I would most likely would never have in my collection but I’m happy to have it now.  To sum up his sound  some and find some similar pop comparisons I would say artists like Adam Levine and Ed Sheeran or even throwing it back to someone like Ryan Cabrera  would be a good match.  Checking other similar artists sites others like Jamie Lawson, Damien Rice, and The Oh Hellos also show up — so if you know them I’m sure you would like Bryan too.

The album sounds great and delivers a nice range of music from slow and mellow to a few tracks with a nice pop-rock inspired kick. I can easily see many of the tracks getting airplay on the radio as well and making a stir through-out the Christian Rock/Pop genre too.

Overall this album delivers!  

Track listing:

  1. We
  2. Idaho
  3. Games
  4. Ride
  5. Tell You (ft. Dia Frampton)
  6. Euphoria
  7. Ropes
  8. Second Chances
  9. Scars
  10. NYC
  11. Hands
  12. This Is Home
  13. Control
  14. Us

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