I have used a manual juicer for lemons and limes before but you always would need to cut it first then place it in the squeeze and juice away.  Well the Squissors changes that and will cut, squeeze, and juice all in one.  Take a look at our demo and review.

From the MFG: Cut and Squeeze in One Step. The Only Juicer with a Built In Blade! The best lemon squeezer on the market is also the most innovative kitchen product for 2017. The Squissors Lemon Squeezer is the Most Convenient Juicer Ever! – Cut and juice your lemons and limes in half the time. No need for a knife or cutting board. Safer than a knife, faster than a squeezer, no assembly required.

Where to buy: Amazon – http://amzn.to/2j2PYww