Odd Product: Rolling Razor


The Rolling Razor has to be one of the weirdest products I have used in a long time. I have always preferred the smoother shave from a real blade that I just could never really achieve with an electric razor. I’m a big fan of the Mach 3 and Fusion razors but always willing to try something new. I saw the Rolling Razor which seemed unique and thought I would give it a try. The Razor comes with a little stand and an instruction manual — that is always kind of scary if you need instructions to ensure a proper shave.

For my safety, I followed the directions and the whole time I felt extremely nervous that I was going to cut myself with this so-called ergonomic razor. I was able to get a pretty close shave but with heads that don’t pivot the chance of me cutting myself greatly increased. I shaved both ways– with and against the grain and I did feel that I had a smooth shave — I just don’t get the whole concept or real advantage of using the rolling razor. And, I did not feel it was very ergonomic — at least for my hand as I had a cramp by the end in both hands from switch back and forth to cover both sides with this so called rolling action.

If you do try this razor, keep in mind that I have not really seen the replacement blades for sale in any local stores — just online, which really does not make this convenient or cost effective. In closing, I really felt like this was one of those Saturday morning gimmicky infomercial type products and I will not be using this again or recommending it to others. I just wish that my Mach3 and Fusion blades did not cost an arm and a leg to replace — but that’s a whole other story.