First Years QuickServe Bottle and Jar Warmer


The First Years bottle warmer looked like it could be a great product when it was purchased and looked extremely easy to use and clean. The product is compact and after ready the directions it did seem very straight forward and easy to use. This looks like a much safer way to heat up the bottle then sticking it in the microwave or a boiling pot of water. The great thing about this unit it’s pretty idiot-proof (dad-proof) Simply follow the directions on how much water to add for the amount of formula in the bottle and place the bottle in the holder and press the big button to start. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the automatic shut-off of the unit for the bottle to be done.

Here is my issue after two-weeks of use — I’ve been making my daughter the same 2oz bottles all from the fridge with the same amount of recommended water in the unit and each time the formula seems to come out a different temperature. I’ve tried a bit more water and then it seems too hot. I can understand needing a bit more water to heat the bottle that contains Karo syrup since it makes it a different consistency — but the regular formula bottle should all heat the same. I’m still trying different levels of water to find that perfect combination but something just seems off. As said before, I think this is a much better option than using a microwave but it seems the best way to get the right temperature is to place the bottle in the warmer for 1 – 1/2 cycles for now or until I can figure out the exact amount of water to get that perfect temperature.

If you have used this product let me know your thought and what worked best for you to achieve the optimal temperature.