Waterpik ECOFLOW Shower Head


Saving water is not that easy of a task in a family — especially with kids and a wife who like taking long showers — sometimes until the water heater runs cold. Sure, I could time them but as with  most other families we have too many other things going on at once to worry about a shower length. Luckily, there are some solutions out there to help reduce the water consumption. One place to start is with a low-flow shower head like the ECOFlow from WaterPik.  Offering 5 water spray settings using normal water pressure and a sixth switch for water saving (Ecoflow) mode can help reduce costs of water consumption without telling everyone they have to be in and out of the shower in five minutes.

What’s in the box:

In the box you will find the chrome painted  shower head, hose, shower head bracket to make all connections, and the basic instruction manual. The whole thing really can install in just a few minutes as you can see in the overview video we shot.


Setup of the shower head was very easy.  It took almost the same amount of time to remove the old shower head as it did to setup the new WaterPik EcoFlow.  Do keep in mind that the hose is coiled up in the box and may take a while to straighten out once you set it up. The directions are very straight-forward and in a ton of different languages to support almost every user. You may need to have a set of plyers on hand for your removal and install too which is obviously not included.

Usage  & Performance

This model of the  Waterpik EcoFlow shower head has an output of 2.0/gpm which is a little less than many other standard shower heads to begin with and offers six total setting Full Body, Pulsating Massage, PowerSpray, Full Body + Massage, Full Body + Power Spray, Water Saving Trickle (which cuts the water flow down by 0.5/gpm)  The hose included is a five foot total length hose which should be plenty long for most and the head is measures in at 3.25” which I would like to have seen just a little bigger.

Typically when I shower I use just the full body setting and may switch on the massage feature too but having the other options are nice too. At first I was a little skeptical about how powerful the head would be when I switch on the trickle setting and to my amazement it was still quite powerful…at least enough to the point I could comfortable shower and wash with it on.  I do think when you are ready to wash hair, especially thick hair, you will want to use the regular settings but for the rest of your shower the low flow setting is more than enough — and my 9-year-old son seems to agree too.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really like the EcoFlow six function water saving shower head. It was easy to install and still provided good pressure when using the water saving mode. Costing around $30 or so the shower head comes in a stylish chrome finish but keep in mind it is not metal — more like very hard plastic most things are made of these days — but still very durable for sure. Based on Waterpik’s savings numbers they estimate that you can save on average about $60 a year on your water bill by using the low-flow setting…it’s better than saving $0 and for a minimal investment.

If you are not looking to cut back on your lengthy showers but still looking for ways to save money check out the Waterpik EcoFlow shower heads. Installation Video


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