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If you have ever worked out while in school or just headed to the gym on a daily basis one can only imagine the amount of germs that must exist on the equipment. You can research the germ statistics yourself but what I read was pretty scary and taking precautions to stop the spread of germs and disease is big on my list when working out. It can also happen at any level — just look at the recent staph infection that broke out in the NFL — this is the National Football League!!

Sure you can wipe down the equipment with the sometimes provided spray and pumps at the gym but who know what is actually in those — it could be just water and not doing anything at all. If killing germs is on your mind when working out Titan Products has a full line of products that do just that!  We reviewed two of the Titan Post Battle products — first is the Titan equipment spray which comes in spray type bottle, and is available in a variety of sizes.  Titan writes “Our equipment spray will deodorize your equipment and at the same time destroy harmful bacteria. Perfect for any wearable padding or even yoga mats.” — before I was taking my little body of hand wash and putting it on the equipment but was never able to spray anything down before use. So this product was perfect I put it in a small travel size spray bottle and carry with me while at the gym — if I use any equipment I simply spray it down quickly and wipe down. This leaves me pretty confident that the equipment has been disinfected and I should be safe from the spread of any bacteria that may be present.  Keep in mind — some people have the mindset if you have a cold you can exercise it out of your system.. now do you really want to be grabbing the same equipment… not me!

Titan Products Hair and Body Wash

Titan Products Hair and Body Wash

The second product I tested was Titan Post Battle Products Hair & Body wash. Titan’s website says that the hair and body was product will help to “Defend yourself against harmful microorganisms, bacteria and fungus.Our all natural formula will help shield you from potentially dangerous environments while keeping you clean and smelling great.”  So not only is it an all natural formula include tea tree oil it is also killing tons of germs and stopping bacteria from spreading. Guys — no need to worry about some fruit smell — the scent is light yet tough. My only complaint from this product is that there is not enough lather with the soap and I felt I had to use too much to wash — it also left my hair very dry.  After washing my hair with the Hair and Bodywash I would come back and use another shampoo and conditioner.  Besides these two minor personal preference issues with the product I still felt that this is a great product to have for any athlete or anyone working out at the gym.

Titan has a full line of other Post Battle Products to help stop the spread of germs and I highly recommend giving them a try. I enjoyed using the Titan Post Battle products and can give it and overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Take a look at Titan’s first commercial for their products which can be purchased in their online store or at other retailers including Amazon.com