Nuwave Oven Pro Plus


Many of you that visit Damn Good Reviews know that I love technology and love to cook. That said devices and gadgets to help getting things cooked quicker and properly are always fun to demo and review.  The NuWave Oven Pro Plus — which you may have seen promoted on TV many times is an Infrared/Convection based countertop cooker.  The NuWave Oven has been around for sometime now but this latest release has a few updates plus its larger so It can handle more food.

In The Box: Our version of the NuWave Pro Plus came with the drip tray, the heating/controller element, one rack that can be flipped for 1-inch or 4 inch cooking, instructions, and cookbook.

Setup of the NuWave is very easy — only a few parts to assemble out of the box and of course I recommend just quickly washing everything before cooking on it. The manual has some easy recipes and is pretty well written and easy to understand. I decided I would cook a roaster chicken in mine and see how it performed…in the video below I also cooked a full rack of pork ribs…yumm ribs!

Using the NuWave oven is really straight forward: open the lid — put the food on the rack — cover again.. punch in the proper and desired cooking setting — and press go.  The machine takes over from there and because it uses infrared and convection you don’t need to move the meat around. Plus it sits on a rack so all the fat just drips to the tray below making for some healthier food.  Just remember that the unit does get hot so keep this in mind when cooking and where you place the machine.. also the cover is hot too and typically has some hot water built up — so be careful when you open it. One of the best things about the NuWave Pro Plus is the option to do so much more than just convection and infrared cooking since it’s an 8-in-1 machine you can use it to broil, roast, grill, bake, bbq, steam, dehydrate(which takes forever), and air-fry foods!  Some things I did not even think about being able to cook was actually utilizing the drip pan to cook things like eggs..pretty neat.

Take Away:
Despite the fact that it is a fairly large machine unless you have tons of counter space it’s not really something you are going to leave out for daily use. I actually have a storage are in the basement where I put this, my pressure cooker, and some other cooking products that I don’t need daily. Plus if you purchase the version with the extender ring you can cook up-to a 16lb turkey..which is pretty big…you will need just a bit more storage space.

I will see that having the bigger machine is nice because you can obviously cook more. I have cooked a few different foods in it from the whole roaster chicken, to ribs, veggies, and salmon which all came out great.  There have been a few times I checked the food and it was not completely cooked through and had to place it back it — but of course that is also based on the weight of the food too.. maybe my calculations and cooking time guesstimates were just off…not the best at math.  I have not used the air-fry feature but tempted to try it out.. and plan to update.


Watch our cooking demo here:


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