HydroRight – Dual Flush Water Saving Unit Reviewed



Recently, I was at my local hardware store and came across an item called the “HydroRight” which is a water saving unit and has to flush options.  Button one for less water and button two for more water thus saving on your annual water consumption and saving you some money.

After seeing the unit I reached out to the manufacture MJSI, Inc who gladly sent me a unit for review. Upon arrival the unit was all pre-assembled in the box and had a large fold out instruction booklet with simple instruction that almost anyone could follow. When I took the unit from the box it did look a bit overwhelming at first and there was also a bag of a few extra parts at the bottom of the box.

Reading the instructions quickly I felt I was ready to install the unit. The kit did mention that sometimes it won’t work with toilets with a float but I gave it try anyway..because you never know.  So, I removed the old flapper and flush handle and followed the instruction to place the HydroRight unit in place. I add the rubber gasket and fastened it down with the zip-tie provided and then installed the flush button where the original handle was and I had the unit installed in only about 10 minutes.  I was a bit shocked that it actually installed that quickly too. So, I ran a few flush tests and set the unit for the right flush level and thankfully had no problems with the float in this toilet.  Around twenty minutes or so-later the job was complete and now my five-year old son thinks it’s the coolest thing having two flush options and I know that we will be saving money using the unit too. I’m actually thinking about installing the unit on the two other toilets in the house too – although you never know with the guest bathroom I may have to post a simple instruction sign for them. … number 1 or number 2 then press the corresponding button!

In closing, this unit made for an easy install, will end up saving money and only cost about $20 and think if you don’t mind pressing a button instead of using the traditional handle on this unit then go for it!

I give the “HydroRight” One Damn Good Review!

Want One? Get it here! – MJSI HYR270 HydroRight Drop-in Dual Flush Converter