Emson Smoker


For those of you interested in smoking meats, cheese and making some excellent fall-off the bone ribs the Emson indoor smoker is your key to some excellent dishes!  The smoker,  takes the concept of a pressure cooker and combines it with a smoke-cup and offers both hot and cold smoking options.The cold smoke is used for items like fish and cheese when you just want to infuse the smoke flavor and not really cook or melt the food using heat. Another great thing about this product is that by using pressure cooking — it cuts the cooking time significantly — where traditional meat smoking could take almost a day — just for example, my pulled pork was done in about an hour in the Emson smoker.

The smoker comes with a small rack system to separate meats or ribs – which you will need to cut individually, since the unit is not big enough for a full rack of ribs — but this makes it easy for serving anyway. This unit will fit a full rotisserie chicken, two Cornish game hens, 4lbs or so of pork butt and a variety of other foods. I did find that the Emson smoker was a bit smaller than I would like — so don’t plan on cooking enough food for a whole summer BBQ but for the average family of four it will do the job for sure.  Another feature is the indoor smoking capability which is great but  I did feel that the smoke smell was a bit overpowering inside my home and choose to move the smoker onto my patio and cooked the foods outside.

After trying the smoker with a variety of different meats and food items, which you can see in the video, I must say that I love this product. Each time the food came out tasting great and fall of the bone — the Cornish game hens I could hardly even pick up as all the bones were falling right out of the hen. The ribs were excellent — after smoking them I flashed them on the grill real quick with some extra bbq sauce to seal the deal and they got rave reviews from the whole family. And.. just wait until you see all the fat dripping and run off at the bottom of the smoker — it’s nice to know that you are not eating any of that fat.

As mentioned, I was very happy with all the meats and the cold smoke option with Salmon. However, I did try smoking some cheese but I felt it came out with way too much smoke flavor for me.  Depending on your taste you may also want to reduce the amount of wood chips mentioned in the recipes depending how much smoke flavor you want — I also soaked my wood chips in water for about an hour to reduce smoke. I used hickory for my test but I heard applewood chips are a great way to go and much more mild smoke flavor. I am looking forward to smoking some other things like hard-boiled eggs, bacon, and white-fish.

The smoker was very easy to setup and use and Emson provides a small recipe book within the instruction manual. I did however have to alter the times just a bit to get meats done to my liking and had to make some adjustments for different types of unlisted meats too — but nevertheless, each and every time the food came out perfectly cooked and delicious. As a recommendation, I think Emson should open some sort of blog / forum and post new recipes or let users share their own recipes and creations made with the smoker as I felt a bit limited with the amount if recipes that were included with the smoker.  For example, I wanted to make pulled pork using pork butt but there was no recipe listed in the book for pork butt — with some tweaking and playing with times I was able to cook it to perfection but I  would love to share this meal with others so they can enjoy too.

Remember when cooking with a pressure cooker to use caution when releasing the steam pressure — I used tongs to remove the steam cover since grabbing with your hand in a towel kinda scared me. The Emson smoker was very easy to clean and being about the same size of a crockpot, finding storage in my kitchen was not too bad.

The Emson smoker is really a great appliance to have but I do think the price is a little too high for some people — considering you can by an entry level smoker for about $50 at your local hardware store. However, these are two completely different ways to cook and the Emson smoker does perform extremely well. I just felt the price point was a little high and if it were a little bit lower I feel many more units would sell — nevertheless even at the price it is well worth it for someone that wants to cook smoked meats and foods.

In closing, I really enjoyed using and reviewing the Emson Smoker and will highly recommend it to friends and family. For that, the Emson Smoker gets One Damn Good Review!

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