Chill Sip Beer Koozie


I sure do love my beer and am not a fan of warm beer at all. The Chill Sip Beer / Bottle Koozie sets out to keep your beverage cooler for longer and giving you the ability to drink on the go.

What’s Included with Chill Sip?

Made out of stainless steel and equipped with a attached bottle opener, and internal neoprene sleeve, and external neoprene sleeve for extra insulation has been designed to keep your beverage cool at least one beverage will stay cooler and the future ones will stay a little cooler with all the insulation. While no real directions were including in the box I had a few frustrating moments in the beginning but after reaching out to the company and watching another video I was able to make it all work…finally….comon include some type of directions even if included on the box!

Full Review and Thoughts on The Chill Sip

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