Baby Goose Glow In The Dark Pacifier Clip


My kids were really never ones to love or be addicted to the pacifier and it was very rare that it would actually stay put and yes we tried all different types and used the clips to keep the thing off the floor.  When I saw the Baby Goose glow in the dark pacifier clip and knowing some who are expecting or with little ones I thought it would make for a great review when the company reached out to me,.

While I am not one to really recommend the child to sleep all night with a pacifier there are plenty of dark situations like in the car that would make a glow in the dark clip nice.  Here is a photo of the clips both in regular light and glowing in the dark — I was not able to get the glowing in the video.

Baby Goose Glow IN The Dark Pacifier clip ReviewBaby Goose Glow IN The Dark Pacifier clip Review











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My biggest issue was the duration of how long the clip would glow for.  While I am no scientist nor have any idea of how this works — I have seen other glowing products that last much longer and much easier to charge with light.