Steel Panther – Balls Out


First off I’m a huge fan of 80’s metal and of course anything where hilarity ensues. I originally saw these guys a few years back while in LA when the went by the name Metal Skool — and even then I thought these guys are hilarious and wish the would tour! Once I heard about the name change and the release of “Feel the Steel” which was full of sick and twisted rock tracks and ballads I was hooked and of course could sing along with every song… not good to play when the kids are in the car. Now that my Feel the Steel cd has started to warp I was excited to hear about the next release “Balls Out” which came out in 2011 — I heard a few of the track but just finally got a copy of the album and I love it.

I will say that “Balls Out” and Steel Panther had much inspiration from bands like Skid Row — no doubt in my mind. This cd is much more in your face and straight up rock where as Feel the Steel was more of a ballad type cd, but if you like hard 80’s style metal, extremely hilarious, crude and rude lyrics than you will love this album too.

My only complaint .. I wish it was longer. I’m really looking forward to another album down the road and hope to catch them when the come to New Jersey.

Steel Panther’s cd “Balls Out” gets one Damn Good Review!! Enjoy and keep rockin’!