Steel Panther – All You Can Eat


Steel Panther, the very dirty and almost always sexual, yet hilarious,  glam rockers return with their third studio album, All You Can Eat.

If you love funny, sick and twisted comedy this band is for you — and if you love the 80’s style glam rock bands you will love them even more.  I have played the cd countless times now and have many favorites on the album although I rather not mention them in the review.  Not really sure if the band has anything that could be radio friendly — at least not FM broadcast friendly but I can blast it in my car with the windows down and wait for the looks when people hear the lyrics.   Tracks like Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World is a straight-up rock anthem about forget everything and party hard. When you actually start to listen to the lyrics the songs are really hilarious and the band does a great job at delivering it. If you want some good rock listening, without the kids or the wife, in the car then I suggest you check out All You Can Eat from Steel Panther and if you don’t have the other two albums.. what are you waiting for go get them!

Track listing, “All You Can Eat”:
1.     “Pussywhipped”
2.     “Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World”
3.     “Gloryhole”
4.     “Bukkake Tears”
5.     “Gangbang at the Old Folks Home”
6.     “Ten Strikes You’re Out”
7.     “The Burden of Being Wonderful”
8.     “Fucking My Heart in the Ass”
9.     “B.V.S.”
10.     “You’re Beautiful When You Don’t Talk”
11.     “If I Was the King”
12.     “She’s on the Rag”
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Steel Panther, is Michael Starr, Satchel Lexxi Foxx, Stix Zadinia