Static X is Keeping Disco Evil with Cannibal


Presenting their 6th studio release, Cannibal, grindcore musicians, Static X, is back yet again with more in your face and explosive tracks, which always seem to keep fans yearning from album to album. “Destroyer” the albums first single and the closest to mainstream radio friendly you can expect from a metal band is already making its way up the charts. Peaking at #36 on the Billboard 200 chart since its debut on April 3, 2007 the album already has fans begging for more. Well, as long as they don’t attempt an acoustic set. Featuring twelve (12) gut-wrenching tracks on the standard release and my special edition Circuit City release actually included two additional un-released tracks. More music for the same price…such a deal!

A Static X fan since way back in the Wisconsin Death Trip days from promoting the band along side, at the time other promoters, the band has always been good to the fans and friends. Always having a memorable time at the shows, big and small, from shooting photos of the live show or just chillen’ afterwards at one of the many Jersey diners.

The band is almost back to the original lineup minus drummer, Ken Jay, but the sound has truly developed and has resurrected some of its roots to bring back more programming, industrial style music and those ear-piercing vocals we come to love from Wayne Static.

Although the album is damn good, Wisconsin Death Trip will always be my favorite, but this one is not far away. The Static X collection is one that every metal fan should own especially for the fans that like a different sound then every other typical metal band out.

Static X is for fans of Murderdolls, Endo, Ministry, Dope and Codeseven

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